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Survival Instincts Combat Art
*Tae kwon Do Oh Do Kwan
*Jeet Kune Do 
*Small Circle Jujitsu
*Ryukyu Kempo - (Pressure Point Fighting  &
    Tactical Grappling)

*Great for Kids 3yrs old & up, Teenagers, and Young Adults

*Class focus is on Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Discipline, Respect, Courtesy, Honor,  Loyalty, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity, Goal Setting, Increased Fitness, Bully Prevention, Self-Defense, Personal Protection, Character, Balance, Coordination, Timing, Child Safety, Stranger Danger, Mind Control, exercise for Cardiovascular & Muscle Tone

*Meditation to maintain calmness & control
                                 MOTTO: "I WILL SURVIVE & COME HOME ALIVE"
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H.A.M.M.E.R. Practical Adult Street Defense
Hit Aggressively Mastering Mutilating Effective Response

Combat Kickboxing & Grappling
* coming soon

WOMEN'S Kickboxing & Street Defense
Thanks Harry, Love Ya Big Guy!! , Melanie Quillens, RN, CCRN , May 1, 2014
860 Ridge Road, Lafayette, LA 70529 | email: HarryDuhon@ymail.com | call: (337) 993 - 0527
*Jeet Kune Do 
*Arnis, Escrima, Kali-Silat
*Close Quarter Combat (hand, stick, knife, gun)
*Small Circle Jujitsu
*Ryukyu Kempo - (Pressure Point Fighting  &  Tactical Grappling)
*Krav Maga

*Perfect for working professional  Adults that may have a family  also good class for  teenagers, doesn't require a lot of your time, so you can still have time for life obligations, family, friends, kids, school, job

*Safe training environment with no egos, This is not a fight class or sport, this is a street defense class, based on real street situations where there are no referees and no rules. Anything goes! Class geared towards ending altercations as rapidly as possible

*Class focus is on  pressure points that stop anyone, any size, at anytime, joint manipulations (locks and breaks), weapons training, learning to deal with guns, knives, bats, pool sticks, any blunt force object, multiple attackers, trapping. You will learn devasting techniques to end attackers instantly

*Learn how to escape chokes, bear hugs, grabs, hair pulls, and more....."your size and strengh does not matter, knowledge, technique, and leverage is all it takes"

*Meditation to maintain calmness & control
                                                                                              MOTTO: "I WILL SURVIVE & COME HOME ALIVE"
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​I’ve been a student of Sensei Harry Duhon for three years now. I ‘d always wanted to take kickboxing as a kid but never did. When I became an intensive care nurse and began dealing with the stress of the job, I wanted a release. So, I decided to seek a martial arts school and discovered UMA. Once I started is when I learned of his Street Defense Course, training that was practical and I could put to use. Since I began my training journey I’ve gained a feeling of empowerment. Being a female this has assisted me not only in the confidence I might need to defend myself but in everyday life as well. As I watched Sensei teach younger students, I’ve seen him give instruction on martial arts but also encourage, counsel and give positive insight to students whether it is education or life in general even his older students such as myself.
​* coming soon