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-Coach Brian Keltner,   MAY 2013
Our kids look up to millionaire athletes who are more often less than role models. On a daily basis, as a coach and educator I also know the pain and loss that a lack of a strong family has on our kids. As fathers and men we are supposed to give our kids the tools to become better people than we have been. At Universal Martial Arts, Sensei Harry has given my son and me that opportunity. I knew that eventually my son would find heroes that he looked up to and wanted to become, I just prayed that he would pick the right kind of people. God's will, fate, karma, whatever you want to call it. My son found two heroes in Sensei Harry and Gage. Because they are worthy of that title, they are my heroes. As fathers and men, Sensei Harry and I got to watch our boys jump into each other's arms after Gage won his first MMA fight. That image is something that I will never forget. John 15:13 sums it up, Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. Giving up a part of yourself and serving your fellow man body, mind, and soul. THAT IS FAMILY. THAT IS WHO WE ARE AT UNIVERSAL..... 
Yuseff Hill ,  APRIL 1, 2014
I just want to say Harry Duhon & his school of Universal Martial Arts has changed my daughter in many ways.

She is a ADHD student in his class. She has gone from low self esteem to self confidant's and trust in herself in 

bout 1 1/2 year. She has fun and also learns a lot. I can say from her working so hard she had earned her yellow

belt. I can say with us as her parents being there really enjoying every Tuesday and Thursday nights with Harry

and he is a kind and understanding teacher.....Thanks so much the Meaux's......
Thomas "Lil Beast" Hebert AKA VATO,  MAY 22, 2013 
-The Meaux's,  MAY 2013
860 Ridge Road, Lafayette, LA 70529 | email: HarryDuhon@ymail.com | call: (337) 993 - 0527

 Harry is a great teacher very kind very good at what he does! I took a Hammer defense class from him & my daughter took several classes from him as well. I would also add he is a True Gentleman! Who know's beyond a doubt what he is doing. He teaches what could save your life in todays World. Debbie B Baxter 

Debbie Brown Baxter Tuesday, 5/28/13, 5:22 AM 

Man Harry Duhon one of the realist ppl u can meet I don't think u can get any honest then this man here. Ppl if u wanna know more about urself come train at universal mix martial arts. And the cool thing about it u don't even have to say u wanna be a fighter he'll train u just cause u wanna learn the art. And he will teach u things that life can't even teach u sometimes. dude change me in to a better man not a better fighter. Love u Harry keep doing what u doing cause I believe u can change the world once u make more ppl like u bro!!! That's 100% from the heart here. Uma for life even if I'm not there I'll still rep uma till I die.
I would first say martial arts saved me from me if u can get that . One of the biggest influences is Harry Duhon I call him big brother cause that's what we r family . I have no problem telling him I love him in front of 30 other guys cause he is family he has helped through some of the most difficult times of my life and as my corner man he is one of my most valued assets his advice and just his presence in my corner made me at one time ranked 12 in the nation amongst bantam weight fighters . He has truly helped me change for the better ask anyone who knew me in high school will tell u I was a bad guy now I like to say I am one of the good guys 
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I have been with Sensei Harry for 5 years and throughout those years, my life has changed dramatically. When I first started I was a 13 year old kid with little confidence. Through martial arts, Sensei Harry has given me confidence, direction in life, and structure. I can now say that I'm the Louisiana youth MMA Champion, Louisiana No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Grappling State Champ, undefeated in MMA, and most importantly believe in myself & my abilities. This could not be done without the help & guidance from Sensei Harry & every one at Universal Martial Arts
Zack Mathiew,  JUNE 11, 2013 
Our oldest son Brandon joined Universal Martial Arts less than six months ago. The goal was for him to learn to defend himself in this crazy world that we live in, gain some self confidence and learn more about himself as a person. If he was to walk away right now, I would say it was a major success! Not to mention, he is in the best shape of his life. Brandon just competed in his first grappling tournament and walked out as Champion of his division!

Our youngest son has since joined with similar goals as his older brother. I have all the confidence in the world that Universal M. A. will make him a better person for it!

I have heard stories and seen what Harry has done to put people on the right path in life. He has helped and will continue to help people in other ways besides in the martial arts. Seeing is believing….come in and witness what Harry and his guys can do for you!

Thanks for everything, Scott and Angie Granger,  JUNE 28, 2013 
I would like to say that UMA is a top notch dojo run by an amazing man sensai Harry Duhon there's not to many people in this world with a passion for what he does on a daily basis you can see the light in him it's hard to describe you have to experience it for yourself he is always willing to help out with anything honest, compassionate, disciplined, loyal, trustworthy, are just a few of his attributes myself and my two boys are apart of this great team of people one of the best decisions I've made was joining UMA come experience the Arts with us!!!!! 

Casey LeMaire ,  APRIL 16, 2014 
I absolutely love this school its the best one I have ever been to and im getting better every day I train here ive done learned alot since ive been here Harry is an awesome coach and friend and we are all apart of uma family
Shannon Miller ,  February 13, 2014 
Marcus Garza ,  February 3, 2014 
Tyler Listi ,  February 19, 2014 
Everybody is family here, great detail and direction on everything taught. Show you step by step how to protect and defend yourself. I recommend this gym over any other.
Universal Martial Arts world class self defense training and close quarter combat along with much more. I've learned so much from these guys already. If you want to be confident on the street, in the cage, ring, or anywhere else combat may occur, UMA is the place to learn!
When I started training here at UMA in January I was weighing 209 and within 2 1/2 months in currently weighing 185 and still losing. The gym I was at before took me 6 months to lose 10 pounds so with that said I definitely recommend UMA to anyone that would like to get into martial arts. Thanks to sensai Harry and my team mates for helping me accomplish many of my goals and still progressing with everything I plan to succeed at in life
Josh Haddad ,  February 15, 2014 
I’ve been a student of Sensei Harry Duhon for three years now. I ‘d always wanted to take kickboxing as a kid but never did. When I became an intensive care nurse and began dealing with the stress of the job, I wanted a release. So, I decided to seek a martial arts school and discovered UMA. Once I started is when I learned of his Street Defense Course, training that was practical and I could put to use. Since I began my training journey I’ve gained a feeling of empowerment. Being a female this has assisted me not only in the confidence I might need to defend myself but in everyday life as well. As I watched Sensei teach younger students, I’ve seen him give instruction on martial arts but also encourage, counsel and give positive insight to students whether it is education or life in general even his older students such as myself.

Thanks Harry, Love Ya Big Guy!!

Melanie Quillens, RN, CCRN 

May 1, 2014
u should be commended for the person u r...U go above and beyond for your students; My son hasn't been with u very long but I see the passion back in his eyes and the want he use to have and he's learned so much in this little time then he has before..I applaude u for doing such a great job my friend; we r truelly Blessed for having u in my sons life!!!!and I am saying this from my Heart ,Thank You
Martini Pecheaz Lemelle ,  May 26, 2014 
Harry those are awesome words. You said it - "LIVE" life! Thanks for being such a great mentor to Zack for all these years as well as others who have been lucky enough to have you as a trainer/teacher! Your passion, guidance and love comes out in these fighters when they step in the ring and prepare to battle and as you said "live life". Zack and Gage put on one heck of a show Sat and I know Acadiana is proud to have such dedicated/talented/good kids to represent this area! I'm one proud mom!
Francine Broussard Mathiew ,  May 26, 2014 
It is an honor to meet and work with reputable martial artists. I hope I may be as much of a blessings to you all as you all art to the art and to me. Be blessed
Guy Waddell,  May 27, 2014
Raleigh, North Carolina
In my experience, this is gym provides very close relationships between students and instructors, along with a clean, sanitary environment.
Brailey Jaubert,  May 29, 2014